Hi, hello….greeting…..meet me Azel @ El @ Liza @ that all.

I’m newbie here but not in blogging….I am Blogger user before this, but I decided to try on WordPress…..

Agak kekok lagi tapi I’m trying to do better…..

Back to track. I wish to make this blog as my Chemistry Life Journal…so that I wouldn’t forget anything that I do @ what I’ve experience through my Chemical Life….

Ok. I’m stating here that my passion is in Chemistry and also on writing novel, poem and short story and also skecthing…so in this blog will full with this kind of stuff…

oh, ya!! I’m kindda person who’s like to play with words….My other favorite subject is philosophy…so it is often to me to write on what I’m thinking…

My Hope:

Make new friends, meet people who has same passion with me so I can exchange idea with them…

Call me crazy, but I know someday I’ll find cure for Alzheimer, Aids, cancer and so on…..

Every diseases in this world has it’s own cure. We just have to find it….El